RevalCoin Crypto Card

by Finnegan Callan
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In the modern world, without exaggeration, everyone uses bank cards and pays for all goods and services with them. However, technologies don’t stand still and are constantly evolving. This has also affected the financial sector. 

Today, many people prefer to use an improved form of money — cryptocurrency. But at the moment it isn’t yet recognized by states and financial institutions around the world everywhere. At the same time, many people who work with cryptocurrency have a need to use it for their payments and purchases. Revalcoin crypto card — a fast, convenient, reliable payment tool for storing any savings. 

What Is RevalCoin?

In simple terms, RevalCoin is an exchanger of various cryptocurrencies with the ability to pay by card. On this platform, the exchange is carried out in one direction — the user can pay with fiat money and receive a certain amount of cryptocurrency. 

The RevalCoin card is a suitable solution for those who want to get a universal payment tool that can be easily connected to both ApplePay, GooglePay, and SamsungPay in a matter of seconds and used anytime and anywhere.

How to Use a Cryptocurrency Card?

The process is quite simple if the client follows the instructions below: 

  • order an electronic or physical version of the card (electronic is better because it’s cheaper and a user can get it instantly);
  • add a payment option to your phone;
  • pay in all terminals that support NFC.

With a physical card, it’s even easier — it’s enough for the client to bring a plastic object to the terminal in any store. Next, the funds will be converted, and the purchase will be paid using cryptocurrency.

How Do Crypto Cards Work?

With the help of such a card, anyone can pay in stores around the world without problems. But, of course, no one will pay directly with their bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. The system is trickier. Each card has an exchange partner.

At the moment when the card is applied to the terminal and a certain amount of money starts to be debited from it, the card automatically transfers the desired value, for example, the user’s bitcoins, at the current exchange rate to the currency with which they want to pay.

Thus, a cryptocurrency card is considered cryptocurrency only nominally. All payments are made in fiat currency. And this is extremely convenient since a client doesn’t need to specifically exchange cryptocurrency for fiat in advance and spend extra money on commission.

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